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Hello and Welcome to homepage of the Linden Town Week. If you’ve visited or are from linden, it’s likely that our residents have already helped you feel this way. Perhaps it was a simple smile someone shared as they passed by on the street. Maybe it was a friendly chat you had with a stranger while shopping.

Linden is not a town, but a community in every positive sense of the word. The residents share a strong community spirit and a desire for a friendship with their neighbors.

Relationships develop in the many programs, activities and opportunities offered within the community. Residents get to know their neighbors while taking part in local school and sports programs; enjoying the waterfront; enjoying our restaurants and shops; participating in organizations, civic and social groups; and playing an active role on the committees and boards responsible for the management of Linden
The community’s foundation is based on five cornerstones: Health, Education, Technology, Sense of Community and Sense of Place.

Linden is a community where residents believe in caring for their neighbors. This compassion even extends outside the geographical boundaries of the town. Residents have provided assistance to those affected by hurricanes and fires, donated uniforms and supplies to students in transition whose families have lost their homes, and even adopted an Army Reserve Unit, providing support for the families of service men and women.

We are glad you’re here because we care. Be sure to visit The “Linden Museum of Socio-Cultural Heritage”, it is located in the centre of Linden and is a short distance away from the Demerara river. The museum displays artifacts and pictures of the rich culture and heritage of the Linden community; newspapers and journals from the 18th century. It is a real treat for historians and other visitors interested in the history of Linden. It shows the hard work and commitment of the people to develop and sustain the community. Also, be sure to enjoy the many choices of Linden and Linden Town Week logo merchandise at this location.

Linden is both an exciting community and one that is familiar because its sense of friendship is timeless. It’s a wonderful place to visit, and an even better place to call home